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12 week depression and anxiety group. For Christian clients who are looking for group counseling integrating Christian spiritual practices with clinically sound and biblically consistent therapeutic strategies.

What: Learn how to enjoy fellowship with Jesus and walk faithfully with Him, even when depression, anxiety, or other difficulties arise. Experience the abundant life promised by Jesus. Alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms.

How: Supportive Christian fellowship with others experiencing similar difficulties. Safe space to voice personal struggles with depression or anxiety. Engaging in Christian practices to deepen relationship with God and rely on his sustaining presence. Proven counseling strategies to address symptoms.

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Calm Sea


Meets Saturdays 12:30pm-2pm. New members can join every 2 weeks. The group continues as long as people are signed up.

Group Core Topics:

  • Weeks 1&2 – How to deal with depressed, anxious, and other negative thoughts.

  • Weeks 3&4 – Cultivating acceptance and hopeful endurance with anxiety, depression, and other painful emotions.

  • Weeks 5&6 – Living with God in the present moment.  

  • Weeks 7&8 – Letting go of depressed/anxious self-concepts & deepening our direct experience of God.

  • Weeks 9&10 – Values and Virtues: Identifying the life you want to live and the person you want to be as you walk daily with Jesus.

  • Weeks 11&12 – Committed Action: Living an abundant life with Jesus, even when difficulties arise.

Supplementary Group Topics:

  • Cultivating gratitude and faithful hope.

  • Processing our emotions in prayer using Psalms.

  • Experiencing and Living in God’s compassion more fully. • Physical health and sleep to promote well-being.

  • Healthy ways to experience positive emotions daily

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